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Competitive Cheerleading

Tryouts are mandatory to participate in this group.
A tumbling class is mandatory to strengthen their skills.
Push yourself to your limits! Competitive cheerleading is a program that teaches jumping, dancing, gymnastics and stunts like you've never experienced! This group will participate in competitions in Quebec (3-4 competitions December to April).

Precompetitive Cheerleading

Do you want a challenge without too much commitment? This group is perfect for you. The class works on jumps, gymnastics, pyramid, and dance, all in a fun and safe environment. (one friendly competition at the end of may)

Recreational Cheerleading
These classes are an introduction to dance, floor gymnastics, jumping, pyramid and climbing. This group does not compete!

What to wear
  • Sports bra is mandatory as of 7 years old
  • Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in
  • Cheerleading shoes or sneakers that are not worn outside
  • Cheerleading shoes are available for purchase at the studio
What to bring
  • Your shoes!
  • A bottle of water
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