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Welcome to Cheer Mouvement Danse, the most diverse school in Montreal! We offer courses in cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, multitudes of dance styles, and more. 

Our courses


We offer lessons of all types of dance : multi-danse, ballet, contemporary, jazz, street jazz, pom and even private lessons. Also, we have pre-competitive and competitive groupes.



You want a sport that combines gymnastics, jumps, lifts, thumbling and more. We offer pre-competitive and competitive cheer classes. 

cheer comp


We offer gymnastics classes for all ages. We have courses for the little ones, starting from the age of 6 months to your oldest, even courses for adults.



Do you know tumbling?  We offer courses in this sport of acrobatic gymnastics for children, teenagers and even adults.

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Summer period

Day camp

At this time, you can register your children for the Cheer Mouvement Danse day camp. 


​Cheer Mouvement Danse is the only school that offers cheerleading, gymnastics and dance in Montreal! Throughout the year, we offer classes with teachers trained in multiple disciplines to ensure and offer fun and safe classes while teaching new challenges.

Body suits are not required (but recommended) and leggings are permitted. We ask all students to wear comfortable and flexible clothing to move around.


We strongly believe that sports are made to be practiced face-to-face and not in front of a screen. In addition, practicing a sport without the supervision of a professional trainer can be dangerous and cause serious injury. This is why Cheer Mouvement Danse does not and will not offer virtual classes.


1936 Boulevard Thimens,
Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 2K2


(438) 937-9358



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