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Welcome to Cheer Mouvement Danse, the most diverse studio in Montreal!
Classes we offer: Cheerleading, Artistic Gymnastics, Tumbling, Danse (ballet, multi dance, zumba, hip hop and more), Classes for adults, Child development (for 6 months to 3 years) 
In addition:​ Birthday parties​, Day camps (summer, winter, March break)


Cheer Mouvement et Danse is the only school that offers cheerleading, gymnastics and dance in Montreal! From 6 months, we offer lessons with teachers trained in multiple disciplines to ensure and offer fun and safe lessons while offering new challenges.

Body suits are not required (but recommended) and leggings are permitted. We ask all students to wear comfortable clothing easy to move in.

We strongly believe that sports are made to be practiced in person and not in front of a screen. In addition, doing a sport without the supervision of a professional trainer can be dangerous and cause serious injury. This is why Cheer movement dance does not and will not offer virtual classes.
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